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Banid Fly Trap

Product Detail Information

Product Description

  • Product Contents : Trap 1pc & Natural Bait Powder 1sets(Powder 1 & 2)
  • Body Size: 217mm(Height) x 140mm(Diameter)
  • Body Materials: PP, PET
  • Product Weight: 227g
  • Packing Q’ty: 1Lot (30pcs for lot)
  • Ingredient of Natural Bait powder: Malt, Protein, Powdered fruits, Yeast and etc.
    (100% Natural, Non-toxic, No Chemicals)


It's Super effective, User friendly & Environmentally Safe!

  • Traps various flies by luring them with 100% natural baits.
  • Catches up to 30,000 flies (Super effective!)
  • Non-Toxic, Environmentally safe (Without the use of toxic pesticides or chemicals)
  • Easy to set up ( Easy Instruction & Portable)
  • Economically wise & Environmentally beneficial (Reusable)

How it works

Set it up outdoors where fly control is needed
(Ex. Farms, barns, stables, kennels, outdoor grocery markets, restaurants, etc.)

Photos in Action

How to set up

  1. Turn the top lid and remove
  2. Add the bait powder pack 1 & 2 together into the trap
  3. Fill water(1Liter) up to the line on the trap and stir well
  4. Replace the top lid
  5. Place the trap where flies are a problem


  • Avoid strong winds
  • Fill in more water if the bottle water evaporates
  • Change attractant when the trap is full or after 15- 20 days of trapping
  • The baits are non-toxic, made with 100% natural ingredients
    Save time and money catching or buying insects for your insect-eating pets.
    Trapped dead flies can be used as supplementary food for reptiles, fish, birds, or other pets.
    Bury the trapped dead flies into the ground to make natural fertilizer.
  • The fly trap works best when set up on the ground